About Us

We currently provide the best quality Neon Signs made from LED lights. We are not aiming for maximum revenue but maximum customer satisfaction and happiness. So our customers can proudly say, that they got their Neon Signs from FANCELITE whenever they flaunt them. Our Neon Signs are proudly made in India and have world-class product quality.

We do sell in US, UK, Canada, Europe & Australia through our Global website fancelite.com

Our team also give personal & expert opinions to customers ordering custom neon signs for the first time, so the final product makes the customer satisfied.

Fancelite is an Indian company based in Noida (NCR), Uttar Pradesh, India.

Why LED Neon Sign? Over Traditional Glass Neon Sign

  • It is much more flexible that glass neon, so there are lots of design possibilities.
  • It lasts for years and produces more vivid light
  • It costs less to produce, which means we can pass on the savings to our customers
  • It’s better for the environment as uses much less energy to run
  • It’s doesn’t produce massive heat like traditional glass neons