Q.1. How long does it take for the product to be made and delivered?

It takes 3-4 business days for the product to be made including the designing process, and another 4-5 business days for the order to be shipped and delivered, making it about 7-11 business days in total.

Q.2. Do you provide any fast shipping options?

We do provide Air Shipping option via BlueDart which reduces shipping time by 2-4 business days from the regular shipping (Delhivery/Amazon Shipping).

Q.3. Do you provide waterproofing on the neon signs?

We are currently not providing waterproofing for our neon signs.

Q.4. What are the different qualities of Acrylic which you provide with the neon?

We provide Acrylic with 3MM, 5MM, and 8MM thickness, going from regular thickness to superior thickness.

Q.5. Do you provide any priority treatment for urgent orders, needed in 2-4 days?

We do provide priority making for certain orders that need to be delivered in the Delhi NCR within 2-4 business days, kindly contact our team via WhatsApp / Instagram for further proceedings regarding urgent orders.

Q.6. What is the procedure to order customised products that cannot be designed using the Customiser?

For orders that cannot be designed on the customiser and the designs that need to be made exactly the same as the picture, kindly click on the “Order on WhatsApp / Instagram / Messenger” link on our website, where you will be redirected to our Customer Support Representatives who will help you through the Customisation process and will work with you regarding the sizing, pricing, and other requirements of the product, along with the placing of the order.

Q.7. What are the payment options for different neon signs, and how can I pay?

For our predesigned neon signs, we provide a 90% COD, which means, the customer only has to pay a safety deposit of 10% of the total amount of the product on the Neon sign in advance, and the remaining 90% of the amount can be paid at the time of delivery. For our Customised Neon signs, we provide a partial COD, where the customer would have to pay 50% of the total amount of the product in advance as a security deposit, and the remaining 50% of the amount can be paid at the time of delivery.

Q. 8. What happens after I’ve placed the order for a Custom Neon piece and made the payment?

After the order is placed and the initial deposit is paid, we send your desired design to our design team to prepare a final preview of the piece which is then sent to the customer for approval.

Q.9. Will you be in contact with me after I have placed the order and before the product is delivered?

Yes, we will be in contact with you and we will be sending you the final preview for the approval of the design, at which point you can suggest any feasible edits to the design to make it to your liking, or directly approve it.

Q.10. What happens after the approval has been done? And why can you not change the details of the design after approval?

After the approval of the design, it moves on to the making stage and is immediately sent to be laser cut, after which no changes can be made to the design as it has already been cut. Therefore, we suggest our customers to request for any and all edits before sending their final approval of the design.

Q.11. Could you extend the wire of the neon sign to a particular length upon request?

Yes, we can definitely extend the length of the wire of the neon sign upon request for a small charge of Rs. 200 per 2.5 metres of extension.

Q.12. Can we cancel a custom order once it has been placed?

Yes, any custom order can be cancelled and refunded before it’s preview has been approved, after the approval, a custom order cannot be cancelled and refunded.

Q.13. What if my product gets damaged in transit, how can I avail the benefit of the limited warranty?

Kindly make sure to shoot a video of the opening of the product so that we may be able to help you with the warranty claim and repair/replacement of the product, and share the video with our Customer Support Representatives on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger.

Q.14. My product came without an adapter/remote, or came with a damaged adapter, what can be done?

Please do not worry in this situation, kindly reach out to us on WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger, and inform our Customer Support Representatives about the issue while sharing the opening video of the product, and we will send you a new one right away.


Sure, no problem! Just email us at support@fancelite.com or contact us and we’ll get back to you right away.