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Customise Your Neon Sign
from India's No.1 Neon Signs Manufacturer
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Give us details like text, logo, font, neon light color, image. Talk to us now!
Approval & Making 👨🏻‍🏭
We will send you the final design for your approval & start making your neon sign
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After 3-step quality check, we will deliver your neon sign with 100% safe delivery guarantee

Okay, I want a Neon Sign but why

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Neon Lights
6MM InfinityGlow Lights
8MM InfinityGlow Lights
6MM RGB FancyFlow Lights
4MM DuraAcrylic
8MM DuraAcrylic
4MM DuraAcrylic
High Copper Stealth Wiring
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Special Feature
Acrylic Glow Effect
Upto 250 RGB Flows
1 Year Warranty
2 Year Warranty
1 Year Warranty
Customise Your Neon Sign
from India's No.1 Neon Signs Manufacturer

What's In The Box?

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we do customize logos and designs into neon signs. Please contact us and send us your logo, reference image, or design.

Don’t worry, we get your approval on the preview for any custom Neon Sign you order directly on the website or by contacting us. So if you haven’t received any message, you can even contact us about the status.

Size of your customized neon sign depends on the font chosen and the number of letters. Generally the height of the small size is 1ft (30cm), medium size if 1.25ft (45cm) and large is 1.5ft (60cm). The width depends on the number of letters. 

It’s pretty easy to mount a neon sign. There can be multiple ways to mount a neon sign.

What You Need?
  • A nice wall
  • One or few human beings
  • Hammer or drilling machine
Steps to Install
  • Put up the neon sign on your desired place
  • Mark the holes on the wall through the Neon Sign holes
  • Drill holes where marked or Hammer nails. 
  • Use the screw kit and fit the Neon Sign.

Yes, we do have Cash On Delivery as an option. We do partial COD on all Neon Signs, 50% advance deposit and 10% advance deposit for premade Neon Sign designs. Rest of the order amount will be cash on delivery, We cannot full COD as in the product are manufactured on demand. Custom products are also not returnable, as in once we make them, we cannot resell it to anyone else. 

No, we provide free shipping on all our products. We charge extra only for express shipping for urgent shipments. 

Don’t worry! We got you covered. Firstly we ship the Neon Signs in very tough packaging. We are shipping Neon Signs since many years, such cases are very rare. Anyway you will get 100% free replacement once the case is found to be genuine in our investigation. Take this steps to make it easier for us to solve such cases.

  1. Always make a video while unboxing the package you received after delivery.
  2. If the package looks bent or damaged, don’t receive the package. As in the time to RTO will be much less compared to arranging a reverse shipping process.
  3. Report the issues as soon as possible.