Personalized 3D Photo Acrylic LED Lamp

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Fancelite® Acrylic Lamp can be in multiple sizes, can last 50,000+ hours, custom made with high precision laser machines. Customize Acrylic Lamp with your Name, Pictures, Spotify Song Codes, Date, Logo or Quote, etc. Perfect gift for your loved ones. Place it on a bedroom table, office space or workspace.

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An acrylic lamp that embodies and lights up your bold, wild, and free spirit! A perfect gift for your loved ones.

Custom Size for Acrylic Lamp

Customize the size of this acrylic lamp on demand. Get personalized lamps. The size and the price mentioned is for the minimum size that is possible for the same design. For any bigger sizes in the same designs, please contact us for the pricing and details.

Durable Material used in Fancelite® Acrylic Lamps

Our company uses the highest quality materials to make the best product. Long lasting neon LED light strips that can last 50,000+ hours. Tougher and clearer acrylic, high copper wiring to reduce the visibility of the wire and enhance the beauty of the neon sign.

You can design your own Acrylic Lamp on Fancelite and get the best service in the world. Design your Acrylic Lamp by simply contacting us.

Warranty & Cash On Delivery

As acrylic lamps can be fragile, what if it arrives broken at your place? No need to worry, our company offers full replacement or repair guarantee in such case. Make sure you provide the proof and always unbox the lamp while making a video. You can check the return and refund policy for more information on this topic.

All products on the website are eligible of Cash On Delivery in India. It can be partial COD only, please contact us for more information.

44 reviews for Personalized 3D Photo Acrylic LED Lamp

  1. Personalized 3D Photo Acrylic LED Lamp photo review
    Sayantani G.
    Loved the product and how much it resembles the original picture.
    Personalized 3D Photo Acrylic LED Lamp photo review
    Sanjukta K.
    A beautiful customised item to gift your loved ones !
    Personalized 3D Photo Acrylic LED Lamp photo review
    Lovely gift making Thank you for making Amazing my Day🥰😍
    Personalized 3D Photo Acrylic LED Lamp photo review
    Loved the delivery experience and the gift, recommend to gift your family and friends.
    Personalized 3D Photo Acrylic LED Lamp photo review
    Manvi Singh
    i loved it
    Sakshi Rai
    I absolutely love the design and the product quality . Guys do buy from them, Highly Recommended
    Anushka Mawar
    Excellent work by team Fancelite
    Mantasha Khan
    Amazing quality of product
    Tanuj Sharma
    Trending one. Perfect gift for loved ones
    Shubh Goyal
    Exactly I want such type of amazing and wonderful ideas ..Thanks so much…☺👍
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